Sunday, 10 May 2015

Thermae Bath Spa Review

I went to the Thermae Bath Spa this weekend with my partner to celebrate our anniversary and thought I would do a quick review for you all.

In case you are not familiar with the Thermae Bath Spa it is basically bathing in a pool filled by Baths mineral-rich waters which are naturally heated by high temperature rocks before it rises through springs in the city centre.  It is funny to think that the waters fell as rain approximately 10,000 years ago!  The thermal waters in the baths are a balmy 33.5c and it is Britains only natural thermal spa.

There is a open air rooftop pool with views over the surrounding hills and the City of Bath, the indoor Minerva Bath is the largest pool with lovely gentle lighting and there are 4 steam rooms which each have a different fragrance.

I went for the 'Thermae Welcome' package which includes a 2-hour spa session and use of a towel, robe and slippers and costs £35 per person for 2 hours (or Mon-Fri its £32).  There are currently 5 other spa packages available.  It gets very busy at weekends so we got there for 9am on Saturday when it opened.  I found the 2 hours plenty of time to get around everything and get showered and dressed (although they do allow a little extra time for showering).


There is the option to pay to get a treatment done if you wish.  There is a choice from over 40 treatments and ranges from massages to body wraps and facials to Hot Stone therapies.

I did not make use of Springs Cafe Restaurant, I had looked at the menu beforehand and knew what the prices were like so decided to give it a miss.  You are also given extra time for any time spent in the restaurant so no need to rush if you do pay the restaurant a visit whilst you are there.

You wear a smart band which opens and closes your lockers and you also use it to purchase food in the cafe (you settle the bill with cash or card upon exit).

There are shower cubicles with shower gel, shampoo and condition dispensers inside which is handy.  The changing rooms are unisex, there are a few hairdryers and a swimwear drying facility which I made use of.

I felt relaxed, tired and super hungry afterwards and I would thoroughly recommend the experience to any one.  It is a great place to visit as a couple for quality time or as a girly day out with friends.

What spa do you recommend?

Kads Life x

This is my own personal opinion and not sponsored in any way.


  1. I love a good spa session - steam rooms are my favourite and this sounds right up my street. Hope you had a lovely anniversary!

    1. The lotus flower scented room was my fave.
      I do enjoy the steam rooms but find I can only stick them for short periods. Also, not a fan of the cold shower you are supposed to have afterwards. Hehe!
      Kads x

  2. I will check this out when i comes to our anniversary as it would be great for something special.

  3. Bath spas can help in the whole recharging process. But it's nice how you can avail of a complete set of services as well, such as massages and the like. Though really, a time spent in immersed hot water can be enough to do the trick. A perfect way to spend with your loved one. Good day!

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