Tuesday, 7 January 2014

1st Jan 14: Heres to 2014

Well that came out of nowhere...hello 2014! I was expecting you but I am not all that ready for you!

I don't do resolutions but I like to have the odd plan and things to look forward to.  This year I am hoping for a holiday. My partner and I haven't had a proper holiday since April 2011.  In May it is our 10 year Anniversary, so a holiday around then would be ideal. Neither of us mind whether it's UK based or abroad.

I would also like to do more baking and cooking from scratch. The Great British Bake Off has inspired me!

We also have home improvements to be getting on with in the form of 2 bedroom transformations & renovating the back garden. I feel this will keep us busy for many a weekend!

This blog will take you through the highs & lows of my 2014 year!

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