Thursday, 3 April 2014

4 April 14: My Daily Routine

work full time Monday to Friday & here is my rather boring, non-eventful daily routine!

5:15am - ALARM! Groan. Get up.
5:20am - Cleanse, tone & moisturise. Do make up (BB Cream, mascara, eyebrow pencil). Brush hair.
5:30am - Breakfast (cereal & a cup of tea)
5:40am - Get dressed into work clothes (formal trousers, black wedge boots, smart top)
5:50am - Brush teeth
5:55 - Grab lunch box, phone & handbag. Lock the house & set alarm. Get in car & goooooo!

6:40am - Arrive at work.
12:30ish - 30mins lunch break.
15:00 - Home time! WOOHOO!
15:55 - Arrive home

16:00 - Stick the kettle, make a cup of tea & delve into biscuit tin.
17:00 - Start making tea
17:40ish - Eat Tea
Then chill, fill dishwasher, go on internet etc until approx...
19:00 - Shower time & make a cuppa
19:30 - Settle down in front of TV for the eve.
21:30 - Bed time - I need my sleep & have to get up early, so if I don't head for bed at this time I really pay for it the next day!

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