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9th May 14: Longleat Safari Park, Warminster, Wiltshire

My Partner and I visited Longleat Safari Park for our 10th Anniversary.  

We used Tesco Clubcard vouchers to pay for it so we did not have to pay the entry fee.

We decided to take the double decker safari bus around. It costs an extra £4 per person but if you want to go through the monkey enclosure it is necessary to avoid a damaged car and hefty repair bill! We were at the front of the queue so we got to the front of the top deck & had a great view. We were able to take lots of up close photos, including a lion led in the road in front the bus.  The tour guides name was Scott, he talks you through what is in each enclosure and provides the names and interesting facts about each animal. Scott made it even more entertaining by cracking lots of jokes on the way round!
Longleat Safari Bus

The bus drives you around to the start of the safari and then stops for 10mins so you can see (or even feed if you time it right) the giraffes, walk with lemurs and see the pygmy goats.  There are also toilets and a cafe to grab a drink from.  Obviously you can not do all that in 10mins though so we looked at the goats and watched the giraffes get fed and took some pictures of them.

The tour itself is around 1 hour 30mins, although it all depends on the traffic and what the animals are up to.  I noticed some of the young children (3 & under) were starting to get bored of sitting still towards the end.

There were some crazy people driving around the money enclosure with brand new expensive the time 1 car came out it had no number plate and the rear parking sensors were ripped out! The monkeys favourite thing to do its break wipers to rip out the washer fluid pipe and drink it, the alcohol in it makes them drunk!
Monkey Attack
Like butter wouldn't melt!

The Jungle Express train is free and ideally suited to children, although personally I enjoyed it too!  It does a little loop though the park and passes Pelican Cove, Gorilla Island and the Monkey Temple.  If you want to see Gorilla Island and Gorilla Colony then you need to pay to go on the Jungle Cruise as the boat is the only thing which takes you near enough to see anything.

The walk with penguins at the new Penguin Island is good fun.
Up close & personal with a penguin!

We also had a look around the beautiful Secret Gardens and included in the ticket price was access to Longleat House.

There is something for everyone and I would thoroughly recommend it as a great day out for all!

Amazing photo my partner took in the Butterfly House
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