Thursday, 3 July 2014

What I Ate Wednesday No.1

OK, so here it goes my very first WIAW blog.  Firstly, a bit of a disclaimer I am a vegetarian and i am NOT on a diet or healthy eating plan in any way, shape or form.  This is just what I fancied eating that day.

I am really loving porridge oats at the moment.  My topping on this occasion was a drizzle of golden syrup and accompanied by a cup of Tetley Tea.

I buy Quaker 2 minute oat sachets as they are so quick and easy. All you need to do is empty the oats into a bowl and add milk upto the line on the sachet and pour it on and you know you will end up with the perfect consistency.  I have found that it only needs 1 minute 40 seconds (instead of 2 minutes) to be at my chosen consistency.  

The following packed lunch was eaten throughout my working day in the office.  Special K Red Berries cereal bar, banana, peanut butter topped oatcakes, a Alpro peach soya yogurt and a pot of 6 strawberries (not shown).  I drank 2 500ml glasses of water during the working day.

On arrival home from work (approx 4pm) I had a cup of tea with a chocolate digestive biscuit.

Dinner (or 'tea' as I call it): Organic wholewheat pasta with sun dried tomato & basil sauce with broccoli (there is more than the pic shows, it's just buried!) & garlic bread. Washed down with 250ml of water.

Finally, a cup of tea and another chocolate digestive biscuit.  I LOVE tea and biscuits - 'typical Brit'!

So are people interested in reading more What I Ate Wednesday posts?  Too boring for y'all?

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