Sunday, 6 July 2014

Graze Breakfast Box Review

I am great lover of breakfast so I was so excited when I saw Graze were starting to do breakfast boxes.  My favourite breakfast is porridge so I was more excited about the porridges than I was the granolas.  However, although the porridge flavours are set out online they are not selling them as yet so it is just the granolas to choose from at present.

The boxes are £3.99 delivered. There are 15 granolas to choose from and all the flavours sounded like they were worth a try.  I selected my top 4 and checked the 'send soon' box in the hope I would receive them in my first box.  I was so excited to see my box arrive on the planned day and it contained all 4 of the granolas I wanted to try first.

The Graze box contained:

Honey Hunter - honey baked oats with pecans, almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts - your basic granola really, yummy & filling!

Rugged Maple Pecan - maple granola, pecans, chopped hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds & malt coated oats - really tasty!

Dark chocolate orange - chocolate orange granola, orange peel, dark chocolate curls, pumpkin seeds & almond slices - every bite tasted like chocolate-orange, really nice!

Summer fayre - blueberry granola, apple, strawberry pieces, crispy rice flakes & rye flakes - nice & fruity tasting!

After seeing the calorie information (around 350 calories plus milk) these will be an occasional (yummy) weekend treat!

Nutritional Information
The portion size was perfect.  My favourite was dark chocolate and orange.

Looking forward to next weeks box!

This in my own personal opinion and not a sponsored post.

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