Wednesday, 23 July 2014

What I Ate Wednesday No.2

Porridge with agave nectar & strawberries & a cup of tea.

4 Jacobs sweet chill thins with 2 Laughing Cow triangle soft cheeses.  Activia pear yogurt (my fave Activia yogurt flavour), 2 flat peaches, handful of strawberries (British strawberries are SO good at the moment) & a Special K cereal bar.  This was eaten throughout out my 8hr day at work and was down with a couple pints of water.

Dinner: Gnocchi fried in butter with chilli flakes & grated cheese (give it a go!) with 2 Glamorgan veggie sausages from Tesco & peas.  Half a pint of water.

Then a cups of tea and a biscuit to settle down with in front the TV in the evening.

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  1. Love the healthy choices!