Thursday, 3 July 2014

You Tube Faves

Within the past few months I have found myself become a subscriber to various channels on You Tube. I don't even know how it came about but suddenly i was immersed in this whole new world that I didn't even know existed!  Admittedly I am nosey (in a nice way) and getting a birds eye view of other peoples lives fascinates me. 

I am now an avid subscriber of more You Tubers than I can keep track of and have fast developed some favourites.  Some have millions of followers, some have thousands and others have hundreds but they are all great and interesting to me in their own way.  

So I thought I would do a blog post and share 4 of my current favourites...

In no particular order, first up we have Kerry Dyer.  
About: Kerry lives in Somerset with her fiancé Warren and their gorgeous daughter Sienna.
My fave videos: Day in the life vlogs, beauty posts and clothing hauls.
Comment: Love Siennas bright blonde hair and when she says 'Yes please Mummy!'.  Kerry and Warren make a lovely couple.
Followers: 1,766

The first You Tuber I ever subscribed to was Katie&Baby.
About: Katie early 20's and has a flat with her partner Paul in the UK.  They have the cutest baby girl called Ellie.
My fave videos: Holiday vlog, clothing hauls, pregnancy updates.
Comment: Ellie is such a pretty baby (just like her Mum) and she always seems so happy and giggly.
Followers: 9,616

About: Jonathan and Anna Saccone Joly have blogged every day for the past 4 years.  They have a toddler called Emilia and a baby boy called Eduardo. They have recently moved from Ireand to near London.
My fave videos: Every day at 6pm you can check out a new daily vlog.
Comment: They seem like such a nice family and Emilia has some of the cutest outfits with bows to match.
Followers: 475,797

The Witt Family
About: Claire lives on a farm with her 2 children, Alistair and Violet, and her husband.
My fave videos: Day in the lives, meals for the week, recipes and homeware hauls.
Comment: Claire seems like such a nice and genuine person and a great Mummy to her children.
Followers: 3,956

Followers numbers correct as at 16:30 on 3.7.14.

If people enjoyed this post please comment below and I will share some more of my faves in the future.


  1. I'm obsessed with the Saccone Jolys there are the inspiration behind my vlog :-D

  2. Their vlogs always bring a smile to my face!

    Thanks for stopping by! 😀