Friday, 22 August 2014

Master Bedroom Redecoration Progress Vol.1

The master bedroom has been left until last in our house as it needed the most work. We also weren't 100% sure what we wanted to do with it.  Now we have a plan we are starting to make progress.

When we purchased the house it had a toilet and sink squashed into 1 corner, so kind of half an en suite as it did not have a shower.  We considered making it into a proper en suite by adding a shower but it did not leave a huge amount of space for furniture to hold all my clothes.  So in the end we ripped the old toilet and plastic sink out and knocked down the partition walls.
BEFORE: Plastic sink
BEFORE: Toilet

AFTER: Loo & sink removed

The room then stayed like this with exposed pipes for longer than I care to admit!

Upon removing the wallpaper we discovered the walls were in an awful state and every wall needed re-plastering.  Not a cost we were expecting and we now need to get some plasterers in for quotes.

Missing Plaster
Poor condition wall

My partner and I are not competent DIYers so we have to rely on family for helping out with tasks such as taking the old toilet pipes out.

The painting is where we will be able to get stuck in, that can begin once the plasterer has been and the plaster has fully dried out.  We may need a hand with the wallpaper though as neither of us have done wallpapering before.
The carpet is worn and flat so that and the underlay also needs replacing.  So as you can tell there is lots to be done.

Stayed tuned for the next installment...

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