Monday, 1 September 2014

Home Decor Faves No.2

Here is the second edition of 'Home Decor Faves'....

These wooden hanging block have a seaside feel to them.  I purchased them from Next and it is hung in my dining room.  The words are rather nice/inspiring.

My prized oven gloves!  My Mum gave me these for Christmas.  I love them because they are the perfect colour for the colour scheme in my kitchen and the wording on them makes them different to your usual boring oven gloves.

The Orchid plant in my kitchen which has recently re-flowered. I love the gorgeous colour!  It is in a purple coloured pot to compliment the purple colour scheme in the kitchen.

A present from my Mum.  It is teal and made to look aged/shabby chic.  She brought it back from her holiday in Cornwall, I am not sure what shop it was from though.  I think the words are really nice.  We have hung it on the landing so you see it each time you walk down the stairs.

Would you like any if these items in you home?

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