Wednesday, 10 September 2014

What I Ate Wednesday No.9

This is the food I ate during last Saturday...

Breakfast: Graze strawberries and cream granola with a cuppa in my Mini Eggs mug.

Lunch: I was in town and had stopped off in a coffee shop for a drink.  I had a hot chocolate.  My partner also ordered a white chocolate caramel shortbread which we shared.  It was a tad sickly. As this was at 11:45am it left me not hungry for lunch.  So I ended up just having some toast and a cuppa at 2pm.

Dinner: Chip shop takeaway! I had pea fritter and chips but in my haste to eat I forgot to photograph!  Doh!

I then settled down to watch TV with a cuppa and some Cadbury caramel nibbles.

Not the healthiest day ever but hey!

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