Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Chocolate Pasta with Butterscotch & Pecan sauce

I had a very random dinner last night, I guess it was a cross between dinner and a dessert as it was sweet not savoury!

I bought some Hotel Chocolat Penne cocoa pasta ages ago in the Bath Hotel Chocolat store.
Cocoa Pasta

I had a recipe in mind which I saw Nigella make on TV many moons ago.  It is Chocolate pasta with pecan butterscotch sauce.  Below is a picture of the ingredients I used, the  recipe serves 2 and can be found in the link above.

Here are the ingredients you will need.

It was really easy to make and with only minimal ingredients.  The pecans were rather expensive which was a tad annoying, I will ensure none of them go to waste though.

Here is the finished result!  It tasted really nice but I have to admit it did get a little sickly towards the end, I will defo be making it again though.
Et Voila!

The cocoa pasta doesn't have to be a sweet dish though there are plenty of savoury recipes available.

Do you think you would enjoy this?

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