Saturday, 18 October 2014

New York City Packing Problems

I having some issues right now...from looking at average temperatures and keeping an eye on the long range forecast the weather in New York in October appears to be quite changeable, around 18c seems to be average but it can get down to about 5c at night or sometimes up in the mid 20c’s during the day with a chance of showers and storms.  

I have included a forecast screen shot below however it keeps changing on a daily basis!

From The Weather Channel App

This is causing some packing issues for me as on one hand I may need shorts but on the other I may need a warm coat and gloves for the evenings.  So I think I am going to have to pack for both eventualities.  I guess there are always plenty of shops on the hotels doorstep if I find I don’t have something I require.

Also footwear is an issue as there will be a LOT of walking and the only thing I am comfortable in is trainers.  So is there any point taking smart boots?  Maybe Ugg boots are enough?...nope they will definitely be too warm! 

No doubt some evenings may be spent flaked out in the hotel room with throbbing feet but I expect for at least 1 night we will want to pop out for a nice meal which will require boots. Decisions, decisions!

Here's a pic of my suitcase with luggage bag that secures around the main suitcases handle.  
My suitcase & hand luggage
It is bigger than I need for a 5 night trip but it's not a bad thing as that leaves space for SHOPPING!! 

Bring it on! Woohoo!  

Check back soon for more NYC related posts!

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