Wednesday, 19 November 2014

What I Ate Wednesday No.13

Porridge on the go, I took it into work with me to eat at my desk.  I just popped it in the microwave when I arrived and added some strawberries.  I had a cuppa before leaving home and had water with my porridge.
I used my new sistema pot which comes with a lid, love the colour and the fact it is BPA free.  I picked mine up in Sainsburys.

Porridge with strawberries

No pictures Im afraid but it consisted of a Tesco Cheese ploughman sandwich with a banana and a yogurt.  With some good old fashioned water.

Dinner: Homemade Quorn chilli with Tilda brown rice with Quinoa with half of the corn bread (from the fresh bread isle at Tesco) pictured on the right.  Water again.
Quorn chill, rice and corn bread

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