Tuesday, 18 November 2014

What Winter Means to Me

Here is a round up of what winter means to me...

I don't mind a cheeky bit of snow as longs as its a proper covering that stops me getting to work so I can spend the day building a snowman.  I don't like to drive to work in hazardous conditions though so none of this light dusting/slushy rubbish please!

Reed diffuser
This smells exactly like the hotel reception on my recent trip to New York. It is a great reminder but also a lovely Autumn-Winter scent.  I slipped it into my trolley during a recent shopping trip to Tesco, it cost £4.

Warm PJs 
It might sound random but on wintry evenings I love to pop my pyjamas on the radiator before I hop in the shower so they are roasty toasty to put on when I get out.  It is something my Mum use to do for me as a child. It's not just me that does this is it?

Hot Chocolate Gü
You have to try these, they are such a treat on a cold winters day, evening, pretty much whenever!  My fave is the Hot Chocolate one.  The salted caramel one was nice but I felt the salted caramel flavour came through better straight from the fridge rather than when it was warmed.

How can I leave out Christmas itself...l love spending time with my family that really is the best part.  It is the only time each year that we all have lunch together at someones house.  Birthday meals throughout the year are normally at a restaurant or pub.  
I have 1.5 weeks booked off work this year and apart from Christmas Day and Boxing Day celebrations we normally hit the sales as a family once or twice during that time. 

What does winter mean to you?


  1. Need to try that GU! Yum! Lovely post and agree. It's about cuddling up, being off work and being together. Lovely. Jess xxxx

  2. Naughty but nice!
    Sorry for late reply, was not notified of your comment.