Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Recent Festive Purchases

I thought I would share some recent festive purchases with you all.

Slate Sign
This 'Wishing you a Merry Christmas' slate was £3 from Wilkinsons.  I am planning to put it on the wall in my little hallway.

Advent Candle
It is a tradition in my household to have an advent candle.  I love the shape of this particular one.  It was only £2.99 from Home Sense.  If I see another one in there I think I will get it to put back for next year.

Purple Baubles
I am going for a blue and purple colour scheme on my Christmas tree this year.  It took me ages to hunt down baubles that were the right shade of purple though, it seems the colour i wanted is not 'in' this year, there were lots of dark purple/plum around though. 

Cupcake cases 
I got these with some festive (disaster) baking in mind.  They were 99p for 48 cases from B&M.

I will do a 'My Home at Christmas' once all my decorations have been put up on 14th December.  

Check back soon!

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