Thursday, 8 January 2015

Look Back at 2014's Plans

I thought I would do a look back at the plans I made back in January 2014.  The link to the post where I set out my plans for 2014 can be found here 1st Jan 2014: Heres to 2014.

Here is how it actually turned out in comparison..

Holiday wise we had a long weekend at Easter in Weymouth in a caravan with family.

My partner and I celebrated our 10 year Anniversary with 5 days at Center Parcs, Longleat Forest.  We had such an awesome time, you can read all about what we got up to here.

My squirrel friend

Then in October we booked a pretty last minute trip to New York, a place I had always dreamed of going which you can hear all about here

My New York Shopping Haul can be found here.

On the baking front I didn't really do any more baking than normal, I saved myself the disappoint of it all going wrong by...not bothering!  One thing I did make that actually turned out amazing (even if i do say so myself) was Peanut Butter Bites - Be warned they are more-ish!

The 2 bedroom transformations are complete, you can read about the first one here.  

I will do a post on the finished result in the Master Bedroom soon, it was completed in December so that was a close call but it was completed in time.

The garden however is well on its way but not yet complete.  I hope to complete it during the early part of 2015, depending on the weather and when family can help with laying the patio.

So all in all it was an awesome year and I achieved most of my original plans.

I spent my New Years Eve relaxing in the Bath, followed by using my new Micro Pedi on my feet whilst watching Corrie!  My drink of choice was tea and snack of choice was Thorntons chocolates.  Then I got into bed at midnight pulled back the curtains and watched the fireworks out the window - It doesn't get much more rock 'n' roll than that! 

Happy New Year Everyone!  

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