Sunday, 15 February 2015

Hello Fresh: Meal #1 - Gnocchi Allo Genovese with Toasted Pine Nuts & Broccoli

Hello everyone!

You may have seen my recent Hello Fresh Box Grand Opening post, if not I would advise having a read of that post first to understand the background behind this one.

Anyway, the first meal which I decided to make from the Hello Fresh 'veggie box' was the Gnocchi Allo Genovese with Toasted Pine Nuts & Broccoli.  On the front of the recipe card is a little background behind the dish, I now know where the word 'pesto' comes from!

The ingredients for this meal were: 1 pack of gnocchi, bunch of basil, pine nuts, hard Italian cheese, tenderstem broccoli and garlic.  The hard Italian cheese was vegetarian (which you would expect in a vegetarian dish) but if you are a fellow vegetarian you may also find that it is not easy to find in supermarkets.  So far I have only found it in Sainsbury's as part of their basic range, so if anyone knows of anywhere else please let me know!

Meal 1 Ingredients

Gnocchi with Allo Genovese with Toasted Pine Nuts & Broccoli

This was super easy to make and took just 30 minutes.  The recipe called for a pestle and mortar which I don't own so I improvised and used a blender which did the job nicely.  I had never made my own pesto before but I thought this tasted so much nicer than the shop bought jars.  

My partner does not like broccoli so he had pancetta with his instead and I used up the spare broccoli with another meal.

The individual portion sizes were very generous.  If you are not that hungry or have a small appetite you may find there are some leftovers available for the following day (which is no bad thing!). 

This meal gets top marks from me!  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Meal number 2 from my Hello Fresh 'veggie box' to follow!

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