Friday, 13 February 2015

What I Ate Wednesday No.23

This was a rather tasty, treat-filled Saturday.  I tried to be super healthy on the Sunday to make up for it.

Oat So Simple Banana and Strawberry Heaps of Fruit porridge.  I had not tried these before and when they were on offer I picked up a box to try.  They are handy for times when you don't have any fresh fruit left, but obviously nowhere near as healthy.  
I had the usual cup of tea with it to wake me up.


Wholemeal bagel topped with 1 Laughing Cow Light cheese triangle and creamy scrambled eggs.  Glass of water too.


A margarita pizza with a Domino's dip, Tesco cheese and tomato dough balls (only half of the doughballs shown were eaten by me, just thought id point that out - hehe). 

With a glass of water and an Innocent Super Smoothie (kiwi, lime & wheatgrass).

Dessert: Gu After Dark Gu-zillionaires' pud - Deliciousness in a pot!  With a cup of tea.

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