Sunday, 1 March 2015

Foodie Faves & Fails Vol. 2

I have discovered and tried a few different food items lately and I thought I would share my opinion of them with you all.

I picked up these Kallo rice cake thins when looking for an alternative to biscuits which I LOVE to have with a cup of tea.  Both flavours are really nice and if you are trying to be healthier the fruity muesli and yogurt ones are just 66 calories and the Belgian chocolate ones are 56 calories.  A newly found foodie fave!

I have been meaning to try whole grain rye bread for a while, I often see pics of it cropping up on Insta topped with a poached egg.  I tried a slice with some butter on with my minestrone was vile!  It did not taste anything like I thought it would.  I will not be purchasing it again thats for sure - FAIL!

I have seen nakd bars around for a while but had never tried them until now.  I picked up a selection pack so I got to try a few different flavours.  The cocoa orange was definitely my favourite.  It amazes me that these are 1 of my 5 a day!  They have become a new staple in my lunch box for work.

This has to be THE BEST peanut butter there is 100% peanuts, nothing added.  Some peanut butter makers add oil, trans fats, sugar, salt etc when it is just not necessary in my opinion, 100% peanuts makes for the best taste.  Meridian are UK based in the Welsh hills of Denbighshire.  It is also very reasonably priced, Tesco normally sell this version for £1.99 a jar, although it is currently on offer for £1.50 so I have stocked up.

I use peanut butter for various things including healthy protein energy balls, peanut butter bites topping for oat cakes or crackers and inside sandwiches.

Are any of these foods favourites of yours?

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This is my own personal opinion and not sponsored in any way.

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