Wednesday, 22 April 2015

What I Ate Wednesday No.30

I had a stomach bug the day before this so just had whatever I fancied the following day.  I thought i'd play it safe to begin with and didn't have porridge for breakfast.

Piece of wholemeal farmhouse toast with butter and a glass of water (not pictured).

Jacobs multigrain crisp breads with Tesco 50% less fat cheddar cheese slices and ready salted Hula Hoops.  Glass of water.

I often forget to picture snacks and just include my main meals in these 'What I Ate Wednesday' posts but this is a very typical snack that I often have.  A cup of tea with a belgian chocolate Kallo rice cake.

2 potato waffles, Good Life bean burger (I recommend this brand of bean burger they are so tasty) and garden peas.  Usual glass of water.

What yummy things did you eat today?

Kads Life x

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