Monday, 27 April 2015

What I Love About The USA

I have been to the USA 4 times in total now, (albeit to only 2 different places, NYC and Florida).  After returning from Florida this month I felt the need to do a fun post about the little things I love about the USA.

Peanut Butter
I adore the USA's love of Peanut butter!  They have peanut butter everything; from peanut butter M&Ms, the whole Reeses shebang, PB&J (peanut butter & jelly (jam) sandwiches, to peanut butter cookies on offer in their Subway stores.

Peanut Butter Candy

The waiters and waitresses are so friendly and eager to please.  They seem to work really hard for their tips in restaurants.  The food always seems to come out nice and quickly too; you never feel like you are left waiting for too long.

I share their love of pancakes - I enjoy american style or crepes.  I eat them all year round at home and at any time of day.  I had to try some pancakes in iHop (International House of Pancakes) whilst I was there.  I had a stack of 3 american pancakes and topped each one with a different sauce.  I so wish they had ihop restaurants in the UK!

American Style pancakes

Retail Prices
The clothes and electronics are usually a fair bit cheaper than the UK.  You can pick up some real bargains on designer clothes in the outlet stores.  I like the Bath & Body Works Stores and always have to venture into one whilst I am there and bring back some supplies.

Bath & Body Works Haul

It seems only fair to follow on with a post of what I miss about England whilst in the US...check back to Kads Life blog soon!

Kads Life x

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