Wednesday, 13 May 2015

What I miss about England whilst in USA

I thought I would share with you all the random little things that I miss about England when I am in USA.  I am sure everyone has an opinion of their own, hope you enjoy reading mine.

The water in Florida smells and tastes like its from a swimming pool due to its high chlorine content.  The main thing I drink at home is tap water (followed by tea).  So whilst in Florida I have to buy 'drinking water' or 'spring water' to keep in the fridge.  It's just as well you can buy a big gallon bottle for only 88 cents!

They don't do squash!  I thought about buying some to try and mask the taste of the awful water but nope they just don't sell it.  There is every fizzy drink you can think of though.

Vegetarian Food
There aren't anywhere near enough vegetarian options available.  After 2 weeks in Florida it got to the point where I thought if i saw another 'Veggie Burger and Chips' as the only menu option I would scream.  That was honestly the only option in most of the theme parks and water parks whilst in Florida.  I was craving some nice pasta, a sandwich, a jacket potato or mediterranean vegetable topped pizza.

CRAVING: Cheese & mushroom pasta
CRAVING: Jacket potato with Quorn bean chilli and cheese

The Subway stores don't have a little sign offering to change their gloves for you before making up your vegetarian sub.  When I asked if they minded changing their gloves as I was vegetarian I thought maybe I had spontaneously gained two heads by the look I received.

USA TV adverts
I never thought I would say that I miss the UK's TV adverts.  Their adverts are mostly about medical procedures or tablets that you buy and they come with a huge disclosure statement being read out at the end of them e.g May cause drowsiness, hallucinations, boils, spots, rashes, anxiety, depression, internal bleeding, blood clots, increase in appetite or DEATH!'

It is also to do with the timing, for example, if Friends is about to start they would roll the whole intro then cut to adverts and then it would immediately start back at the start of the show.  The same happens at the end, show finishes, they cut to adverts and then return to roll the end credits - Mad!

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Kads x

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