Monday, 10 August 2015

Lifestyle Change - Week 1 Update

Hi everyone

So it is the end of week 1 and I am back to give you a progress update following my Lifestyle Change Intro - Starting Exercise and Getting Fitter post.

This week I have exercised 4 times in total which was 2 15 minute stints on the exercise bike - I plan to increase how far I travel each time.
A 8 minute high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout (courtesy of a YouTube video) which left my thighs aching for the next couple days.
Finally, a 2.5 mile bike ride to town and back.  Normally I would hop in the car to pop into town but it was much more fun riding along the cycle track on a Saturday morning instead, I hope to do this more often.

I have religiously logged everything that I have eaten and drank on My Fitness Pal.  I have managed to keep under my calorie target all week, although 1 day I had just 8 calories left but that did make me think twice about reaching for a chocolate digestive with my cup of tea.

I had a family meal to attend at Prezzo so I checked out the menu before I went to see what the healthier/lower calorie options were.  I was happy to see they do a lot of their pizzas and pastas in a light version where it is a much smaller flatbread pizza and comes with a side salad with low calorie dressing.  So I went for a Verde Light pizza which was mushrooms, spinach, asparagus, egg, bella lodi cheese, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella on a b├ęchamel base.  I did find it odd that they actually charge MORE for a smaller, lighter version but hey it tasted good. 

I am not expecting to lose weight during this lifestyle change, it may even go up as I start to gradually build up muscle which is fine.  This week my weight reduced by 1kg and my waist measurement remained the same. 

Check back soon if you are interested in seeing week 2's progress.

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