Friday, 2 October 2015

I really want a dog!

I have wanted to get a dog for a few years now.  Throughout my childhood we have always had a dog, so from when I was born until I moved out at age 20 there was a dog around to play with.  I even know exactly what breed I would choose.  I have my heart set on getting a Cockapoo (cocker spaniel X poodle).

However, my current work situation does not allow me to own a dog as I am out of the house for at least 10 hours per day Monday to Friday.  I also don't see my work situation changing in the foreseeable future which sucks.  I have looked into doggy day care but it really mounts up over a month and I am not sure it is ideal for the dog, it may end up thinking it actually lived there!

A cockapoo looks a little something like this, super cute don't you think?

Photo From Wikipedia 

Given the choice I would opt for a male dog I think. I like names like Max and Rufus but it would depend on what he looked like, its like naming a baby - haha!  I would also attend puppy training classes and think this would also help with socialisation.  

I have even chosen a few essentials that I would get him:
Wallace and Gromit big mouth squeaky latex toy

Also, I would feed it high quality dog food not poor quality rubbish that is found in abundance in the local supermarket.  If you have a dog and you have not throughly researched what you feed it then I would urge you to do so.  Some of the best selling dog foods actually contain very little meat or nutrition for your dog and can be harmful.

My parents still have dogs so I get to see them on a weekly basis which I always look forward to but It makes me so sad that I can't own a dog for the foreseeable future.

Are you a dog fan?

Kads Life x

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