Monday, 10 August 2015

Lifestyle Change - Week 3 Update

Hi everyone

My week 3 update post is rather overdue, lucky I keep notes of exercise and weigh ins or else I would have forgotten by now!


Again I have stuck to the 'minimum of 3 workouts per week'.  I have a workouts playlist set up on YouTube so I know which ones I enjoy/get the most out of and can just select a workout or 2 off of there.

My workouts were as follows:

Monday2 10 minute YouTube dance workouts
Wednesday = 15 minutes on the exercise bike 
Friday6 min HIIT fat burn workout

I treated myself to some new workout clothes.  I picked up this Adidas top and matching leggings for less than half price in the Next sale.  The top was £10 and the leggings were £12.  
I can't wait to wear them now!


Apart from 1 day, where a craving for chocolate ended up in me consuming 2 cadbury Roses and going 27 calories over my goal, I stuck to my calorie limit which feels good.

If you aren't sure where you are going wrong food wise or purely want to see how much of your required nutrients you are getting then I do recommend giving the My Fitness Pal app a try for a month or so.  I am finding exercise is making me more hungry so am having to be careful not to eat more (especially of the wrong thing) due to the exercise I am doing.


This week I had lost half an inch off my waist which I was very pleased about.  *YAY* A step in the right direction and my weight had gone down very slightly from the previous week.

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Check back soon for week 4's progress!

Kads x

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