Thursday, 8 October 2015

5 Awesome Things About Owning a Dog

It is no secret that i would LOVE to own a dog, my recent post I really want a dog! may have given you a clue about that.  Having has dogs throughout my childhood I wanted to share with you guys 5 awesome things about owning a dog.

1.       Being greeted every morning with them bounding up to you like they haven’t seen you for weeks.  Unconditional love right there.

2.       The excitement and sheer joy you can give to a dog simply by lifting their lead off the hook before a walk.

3.       You appreciate nature more, each day you are out in all weathers walking your bundle of fur and it gives you the chance to take in the snowdrops peeping through in spring and the vibrant coloured leaves in autumn.  Also, lets not forget the daily exercise the walking gives you!

4.       You can buy them presents…which inevitably squeak and drive you insane...but no doubt you’ll do the same next Christmas, Birthday and random Tuesday!  I think the squeaky toy below is so cool.

Photo borrowed from Google Images

5.       The satisfaction of after repeating yourself 1 million times he finally does what you asked and sits down.  Cue a very smug smile and a feeling of ‘I taught him that’.  It gives you a buzz and makes you wanna teach it even more impressive tricks.

I know there are about a billion more reasons but this is my top 5!

What are your fave things about owning a dog?

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