Tuesday, 17 November 2015

American Style Pancake Recipe

I am a HUGE lover of pancakes! I just love covering them in the millions of possible toppings that can go on them.  In the past I have always made the thin crepe style ones but have been wanting to try making some American style thick and fluffy ones.

One dismal Sunday lunch time I decided to give it a go.  As they turned out so well I thought I would share the recipe with you all.  It made 12 pancakes, so serves 3-4 depending on how greedy you are feeling.

300g self raising flower
1 Tsp baking powder 
1 Tbsp maple syrup 
1 Tbsp caster sugar 
2 medium British Lion eggs*
300ml milk

Step 1: Mix together the flour, baking powder and sugar in a large bowl.
Step 2: Make a well in the centre of the mixture and crack in 2 eggs.  Whisk them up.
Step 3: Next gradually add the milk to the mixture, whisking as you go.
Step 4:  Finally add the maple syrup and give it a final whisk
Step 5: Put a large frying pan on to heat up to a medium temperature and add some oil and a small knob of butter.
Step 6: Add a ladle of mixture to the pan and let it sit for a couple minutes.  Once bubbles start to appear on the surface its time to flip it over.

Top tip:  Put the oven on low and each time a pancake is ready pop it on to a plate in the oven to keep warm.  

I also had 2 pans in the go to speed up the process but if you have 1 large frying pan that's even better!

They were just as easy to make as the crepe style ones and just as delicious.  I also found them more filling.

I had my usual platter of scrummy toppings at the ready!

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Let me know in the comments below if you give this recipe a try.  

*This is a collaborative post.

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