Friday, 19 February 2016

Degusta Box Unboxing (January)

Hi everyone

I thought I would do an unboxing of my first ever Degusta Box which arrived in January.  The box cost me just £5.99 as I found and used a voucher code online.  The recommended retail price of all the items in this box was £20.96.  The chai latte was a free gift.

It comes well packaged in a recycle box and all items were in perfect condition including the glass jar and bottle.  When ordering I left a note asking for it to be left in the shed in the background as I knew the chances are that I would be at work.

Liquid wise the items that were included were a happy monkey smoothie, Koko dairy free coconut milk, a jar of Barilla Mediterranean vegetable pasta sauce and a bottle of Eisberg alcohol free wine.  

The smoothie was really tasty and I have since spotted them in supermarkets.  

I am a fan of good old fashioned cows milk normally, I did give almond milk a try once and did not like it at all.  I enjoyed the Koko milk a lot though, especially on porridge it made it extra creamy and I added chocolate chips and bam - it tasted like Bounty!

I very rarely drink and don't like wine but I am willing to give this alcohol free wine a try. 

The freeze dried fruit bits were yummy, however you don't get very many in a pack and I wouldn't pay £1.69 for them.  I love the Hip Pops, they were a bit like Snack-a-Jacks but I felt they had more flavour so I would purchase these again.

I really enjoyed The Fabulous Bakers Mango & Pineapple bars, they were filling and flavoursome and contained no nasties or added sugar.

The chai latte was something I have never tried before.  I frothed up half a cup of milk, added the chai powder and then topped up with hot water.  It's an acquired taste I think.  I found it very sweet but I did quite like it.

I have not tried the Betavivo crispy oat cereal as yet.

I wasn't too sure about the Complete Energy lemon bites as 1 bite contains the caffeine of 1 large premium coffee.  I don't drink coffee personally so that sounded like a rather large hit of caffeine that my body would not be used to.   However I thought that I would take them on holiday though as we plan to go walking and cycling so they may come in handy then.

I was pleased that the Barilla pasta was wholewheat as I don't normally buy white pasta.  It went lovely with the med veg sauce with i topped with come cheddar cheese and served with garlic bread.

I like the fact the box comes with leaflets detailing the items and what their recommended retail price and I would definitely order another Degusta box in the future.

Is anyone else a Degusta box fan? 

This is my own personal opinion and not sponsored in any way.

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  1. Ooh lots of lovely bits in there! I've tried the 'nothing but' pepper snacks and also apple and fig - I preferred the sweeter ones and they were so light that I felt guilt free eating them. Thanks for sharing xx

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura