Thursday, 21 April 2016

Home Decor Purchases

Hi y'all!

I thought I would share a few of my recent homeware purchases.

Here is my gorgeous autumn trees canvas.  It was a Next sale bargain as it was £80 reduced to £25.  It reminds me of our trip to Center Parcs, Longleat last year for our Anniversary.  I bought it with a view to putting it on the blank wall in my study above the desk.  It has made it into a real feature wall and I love it.

I was fed up of the cheap plastic peg baskets breaking after minimal use.  So I decided to invest in this Metal peg tin in the hope that it would last longer.  It cost £5.99 from Home Sense) and I keep it indoors to avoid it going rusty.  

I also plan to get some smart new pegs to go in it as mine have become brittle in their old age and have a tendancy to snap and ping at my face!

Next up is this outdoor cushion was also a Next sale purchase.  I bought two of them to put in the arbour seat in my garden. 

They are rather huge but the colourful stripes really brighten up the garden don't you think?

What recent homeware purchases have you made?

Kads x

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