Sunday, 19 June 2016

A British Afternoon Tea Party

Hi everyone,

As part of the celebrations for my Nan's 80th Birthday this month I decided to throw her a surprise Afternoon Tea Party.  I share a love of cakes, scones and generally anything sweet with my beloved Nan so I knew she would totally enjoy it.

I set to work devising a menu that everyone would like of finger sandwiches, scones and cakes.  I then printed one off for each attendee.

I decided to wrap some of the bits that would be required for the tea party and pop them in a box.  That way my Nan could open them and gradually guess what I was up to.  I decided to include a note at the bottom of the box which explained what I had arranged.  I thought the mug on the right of the picture below would be a nice keepsake for her to use afterwards.

So in preparation he day before I dusted off my cake stand and teapot and dug out my frilliest table mats.

On the actual day I made the finger sandwiches as per the menu.  Then once my Nan had open the cakes and scones all I had to do was arrange them on the cake stands and brew the tea.  If the weather had been nicer I would have held it in the garden but sadly it was overcast until the late afternoon when it brightened up, typical!

I am not normally the hostess type bit it went really well and we all had an enjoyable afternoon.  

We then headed to my parents house and did the whole cake and candles thing with the rest of the family, here is the pic my talented sister-in-law made.  The swirls are buttercream and it was 3 layers and pink ombre coloured inside.

Are you an Afternoon Tea fan?

Kads x

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