Friday, 3 June 2016

EarlyBird Snackbox Review

Hi Guys

I am have something new to tell you about today.  Now I am a fan of the Graze snack boxes which you my have heard of/tried.  I tend to only have them now and then, usually when a offer pops into my inbox, rather than a regular subscription.  So when I came across the EarlyBird snack box I wanted to give it a try.  

The number of snacks available is no where near as large as Graze's but EarlyBird offer some pretty interesting/different snacks. You can expect cacao covered kale crisp, spirulina bites, beetroot and carrot crisps and chia puddings (which has to be my fave!).

There snacks have no refined sugars, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours.  The health benefit(s) of each snack is highlighted on the leaflet you receive inside the box.

So let me share with you the 4 snacks and tea infusion I received in my most recent box.

24 Carrot Trees - Dried crunchy carrots and broccoli - I was surprised at how much flavour these had, perfect when you fancy a crunch but not crisp!  Only 34 calories per pod.

Berry Chia Pud - A chia and oat pudding which you just add water or milk to, it even comes with a mini spoon.  - I added milk and 10 minutes later I had a filling snack full of fibre that was totally yum!  

Apple & raspberry jerky - Sweet and tangy fruit jerky, made from surplus produce that would otherwise be thrown away.  Only 62 calories per pod.  - I enjoyed these, it felt like I was eating a pack of jelly sweets.

Shmokin' peas - Crunchy mix of peas and smoked coconut chips. - These were flavourful and tasty and had 4.5g of protein.

Mojitea Mockingbird -  You can find the teabag in the small box in the middle (see above picture)  This was a refreshing minty tea to awaken your senses.  I am not usually one for fancy teas, give me standard tea any day. However it was nice to try something new and it is certainly refreshing.

I love the funky little names they come up with for each snack, kudos for that.

If you would like to give an EarlyBird snack box a try then you can use code: Kad-1612 for a half price box and I will receive a half price one too.  No subscription is required.

This is my own personal opinion and not sponsored in any way.

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