Thursday, 28 July 2016

I am going to...Disney World, Florida!!

Woohoo exciting news...I have booked a holiday to Disney World!

My partner and I wanted to do something special to celebrate our 30th year on Earth this year.  We considered all sorts of places from NYC to Benidorm and Las Vegas to Tenerife.  After much thought and debate we decided to take a 2 week trip to Walt Disney World, Florida.

It did feel a little odd that as a childless couple we had chosen Disney World. However, we are both big Disney fans and after a quick google you soon find its perfect for couples and even Honeymoons!

I had been to Disney World before back in 2011 with family but we weren't there for very long so I have recently felt that I  wanted to go back and do it all 'properly'.  
We decided to stay on site to fully immerse ourselves in the whole Disney experience.  It also saves the bother of needing a hire car.  After much research we went for a budget Disney hotel, we couldn't see what we would gain from the extra money a moderate hotel would set us back.  

The overall plan is to spend our days in the parks on the rides, take our time to watch the amazing shows, enjoy all the food experiences on offer and chilling in the water parks.  Then in the evening to watch the fireworks at 1 of the 4 theme parks, enjoy a movie under the stars or some fine dining.

We don't have a dining plan included so we can eat wherever we like and we have already been researching restaurants so we have some idea of places we would like to eat at in each of the Disney parks.

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Are there any specific posts you would like to see prior to or after my trip?  If so let me know in the comments section below.

Kads X

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