Monday, 19 September 2016

5 Disney World Theme Park Bag Essentials

As I have visited Disney World in the past and I am currently packing to head there again in a few weeks time I thought I would share with you my top 5 Disney World park bag essentials.

So here goes...

1. Flip flops
If like me you choose comfy trainers as your footwear attire whilst walking around the parks then taking flip flops purely for water rides is a great way to avoid soggy feet.  They are light to throw in your back pack but slipping them on before the ride is a simple yet effective way to enjoy the water rides and keep those trainers and socks dry.

2. Water bottle (BPA free)
This will save you a lot of money and is more environmentally friendly then purchasing numerous bottles of water whilst at the park.  The Florida tap water is disliked by many for its strong chlorine taste.  So on my upcoming trip I am giving the 'Box Appetite - eau good!' water bottle a try.  I will let you know how I get on on my return!

3. My Disney Experience app 
Download the My Disney Experience app on your phone (screen shots below) before heading into the parks.  It has a map of each park, details of your dining reservations, ride wait times and shows your fast passes.  It also shows your PhotoPass photos if you have Memory Maker included in your park admission.

4. Portable Phone charger
Due to the above tip your phone may drain pretty quickly, especially if you have a fun packed day and then decide to stay till the evening for the firework show.  So it is worth bringing a lightweight portable phone charger with you such as those below which will give your phone a boost when needed.

5. Waterproof zip-lock bag
It happens to the best of us your drinks bottle decides to fall over and spill everywhere or you sit at the wrong spot of a water ride and your bag ends up soaked through.  This is where a zip lock bag or waterproof phone holder (below) comes in handy, to keep those valuables dry.

I hope you found these tips useful.  If you have any further for suggestions for essentials please drop me a line in the comments section below.  It is another 19 days till my next trip begins so there is still time for me to add any useful suggestions to my theme park bag!

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