Wednesday, 21 September 2016

What I Ate Wednesday No.83

I can't believe we are in the later half of September already - where is time going?!  It is funny how much the foods you crave/eat change along with the season.  

I hope you enjoy this weeks What I Ate post.


Oat So Simple porridge made with semi-skimmed milk topped with chopped dates, cinnamon and almond slithers.  Drink = tea.


I don't normally include snacks but I thought id include these Go Ahead raspberry and white chocolate cookies bites.  They are ok, not a huge amount of flavour but i do LOVE biscuits with my cuppa.


Falafel flatbread - homemade sweet potato falafel a (using a recipe from the BBC website), in a wholewheat flatbread drizzled with tahini.  Drink = water.


Wholewheat fusilli pasta with a tomato sauce with roasted Mediterranean vegetables, topped with cheese and a sprig of basil.  Drink = Orange and mango squash.

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What have you enjoyed eating today?

Thanks for stopping by!

Kads x

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