Sunday, 2 October 2016

6 Things You Need To Do Before Your Disney World Holiday

Welcome to another Disney World tips blog post.

If you haven't already be sure to check out my Disney Theme Park Bag Essentials.  

Now without further a do lets get started...

1. Wear In Your Trainers - So you've bought yourself a brand spanking new pair of trainers that you are saving for your holiday.  With the sheer amount of walking you will be doing around the parks you need to properly wear those bad boys in beforehand.  No one wants sore feet or blisters in Disney World!

2. Book Park Tickets - You need to figure out which ticket(s) suits you best and purchase them BEFORE you go to get the best deal.  Don't make the mistake of trying to rock up at the gate and purchase them once you are over there.

3. Order A Currency Card - Instead of taking a load of cash with you, I recommend ordering a currency card.  I first took one to New York and it was so much simpler to just swipe the card and be on my way.  You can often get a better currency rate too.  I did take some cash with me as well but it was great to have the 2 options.  The other plus is If the card gets low whilst you are away you can just login to the site and top it up.  I got mine from FairFX.

4. Make An Itinerary - spontaneous people often recoil at the thought of an itinerary  whilst on holiday but it is necessary to get the most out of a Disney holiday. Don't forget to schedule in some rest days where you can sit by the pool and recharge if needed.

5. Disney Fast Passes - To facilitate booking your fast passes you first need to have finished that initerary that I mentioned above. You can then schedule fast passes for the attractions up to 60 Days in advance of your trip if you are staying in a Disney work resort hotel (30 days If staying off site).

6. Airport Transfers - When you get off the plane it's great to know you have a transfer booked and waiting to whisk you off to your accommodation.  So whether it's a hire car, the Disney Express (orlando International only) or a private transfer ensure you have it booked beforehand.

I hope this post helps you in planning your holiday/vacation to 'The Most Magical Place on Earth'!

Kads x

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