Wednesday, 9 November 2016

My Top 10 Tips for a Long Haul Flight

Hi all

I have experienced a few long haul flights now so I thought I would put together a list of my top 10 tips for getting through a long haul flight.  I hope you find it useful.

1.       Dress comfortably – You will be sitting on a plane for hours on end so ensure you dress comfortably in loose fitting clothing.  You don’t need to rock up in your pj’s or on the other end of the scale your no stretch skinny jeans and high heels.  What you are aiming for is something that is has stretch to it and makes you feel comfy.  Think leggings or harem trousers.  Then maybe pair them with a long shirt or t-shirt with a cardigan or jumper to go over the top.  Layers are best as planes can get chilly.

2.      Entertain Yourself – Personally, I don’t find the in-flight entertainment enough on a long haul flight.  I like to take a book or magazine, adult colouring and some music to listen to so that when I want a break from the screen I can do something else.  It is a long time for your eyes to focus on the screen otherwise.

3.      Snooze – Take ear plugs and an eye mask to help you catch some shut eye should you fancy it.  This is especially essential on a night flight where getting some quality sleep helps ward off jet lag.

4.      Comfy Headphones – Test our your earplugs/earphones to ensure that they are comfy to wear for long periods so you can make it through a film without ear pain!

5.      Pre-book your seat – I find that for long-haul flights pre-booking your seat is worth doing.  Although it is annoying that most airlines now charge for the privilege of you pre-booking your seat I feel it is worth the expense.  I choose to be next to a window and in-line with the aeroplanes wing (less turbulence). is good for helping you find the best seat for your needs.

6.      Hydration – We all know how drying flying is to the body and skin and drinking plenty of water whilst 40,000 feet up is the only way to combat it.  Alcohol and high caffeine drinks have a de-hydrating effects so bear in mind you’ll need even more water.

7.      Move Around – Don’t glue yourself to the seat, stand up to stretch your body out and have frequent toilet breaks (what with all the water you’ll be glugging!).  I sat by 1 chap on the way to New York and he did not move from his seat once for the entire 6.5 hours, I could not sit still for that long if I tried!

8.      Flight Socks – I know not everyone wears them but I figure why not, they keep your legs warm from the chilly air con chills and stop your feet and legs swelling up so you feel more refreshed when you get off.  I also like to lift my feet up and circle them in the air at regular intervals to keep the circulation stimulated.

9.      Meditate – A great way to kill some time on the flight is to meditate.  There are apps which you can download such as Headspace or Calm which can guide you through a 10 minute or longer meditation session.  If you are having trouble sleeping it may even help you drift off.

10.   Snacks – If you are fussy or aren’t a fan of aeroplane food then you are gonna need some snacks to keep you going.  You could pack some crisp, dried fruit, cereal bars or pastries. 

If you have any additional tips of your own please feel free to add them in the comments box below.

Kads x

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