Sunday, 5 March 2017

What I Ate Wednesday No.89

Hi everyone

It has been a while but i am back with another What I ate Wednesday post to share with you guys...


Porridge - Oat So Simple porridge topped with Meridian smooth peanut butter, desiccated coconut and strawberries.  I really enjoy this combo on my porridge.
Drink = tea.


Cheese on toast - Cheddar cheese topped with lighter cheese and half a bag of Kettle Bites Smokey BBQ crisp.
Drinks = Water and tea in my new chip mug all the way from Disney World!


Stuffed Marrow - Chunky oven baked chips with half a marrow stuffed with couscous, roasted mediterranean vegetables and cheese on top.  A neighbour gave me the home grown marrow, I have to say they don't taste of much but it was filling and certainly worked well stuffed with the flavoursome couscous.  Don't knock the marrow until you've tried it eh!
Drink = water. 

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What have you enjoyed eating today?

Thanks for stopping by!

Kads x

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