Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Top 5 Tips for packing light for holidays

Hi All!  

Here are my top 5 tips for packing light to stick to your luggage allowance when off on holiday.  I hope you find it useful when packing for your next trip.

1.  Go miniature
Take miniatures of your fave beauty products. This is an obvious one but also remember you can decant your fave face products which don't come in miniature into smaller travel bottles.  You can pick up a little set for £1 in Primark.  You can also top up previously used miniatures from your larger version to save on having to buy them over and over as it works out more expensive.

2.  Go easy on the footwear
Wear your bulky trainers on the plane.  They are super comfy for travelling in and trekking around airports and for any walking you might do whilst away too.  Then pack any lightweight sandals or flip-flops in your luggage.

3.  Hair Heat Appliances 
Firstly, check if where you are staying already has a hairdryer in the room.  Ask yourself if you actually need a hair curler or/or a straightening iron.  You are on holiday remember, let your hair down and go with the flow. Also, don't forget that a straighter can double up as a curling iron (if you have never tried this there are many YouTube vids which show you how).

4.  Visit the Laundrette
Yeah I know, the last thing you want to do on holiday is washing.  However if you are going for 2 weeks and have a limited luggage allowance it may be necessary.  So if where you are staying has a washing machine or laundrette plan to bung a load on mid-way through the holiday so you don't have to take so much.  Also, tubes of travel wash are perfect for hand washing bikinis in between uses.

5. Hand Luggage
Utilise the full weight that your airline allows for hand luggage.  Its surprising what extra you can squeeze into your hand luggage.  It is often around 7 - 10 kg, while some airlines have no weight limit at all o fill your boots...or bags in this instance!

What holidays do you currently have on the horizon?

Kads x

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