Friday, 30 December 2016

Making Jamie Oliver Healthy Breakfast Doughnuts!

Recipe Image Vs my attempt

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You would probably be hard pressed to guess from the ingredients below that these were the ingredients required to make doughnuts.  These weren't your deep fried average doughnuts, they were Heathy Breakfast Doughnuts from a Jamie Oliver recipe which he showcased on his recent TV series.  Here are the ingredients which the recipe requires:


Here is how the doughnuts looked after mixing the ingredients rolling out the dough. I used the end of a roll of cling film to create the circle in the middle of the doughnut.

Shaped doughnuts (prior to cooking)

Next it was time to get cooking the doughnuts, here they are fizzing away in the water that they were cooked in.  No oil in sight!  They really plump up in the cooking stage of this recipe.

The end result was a delicious ring doughnut topped with greek yogurt with a mixed berry coulis stirred through it.

I managed to snaffle down 2 of the doughnuts for my breakfast, they were very filling.  To get the full flavour of the doughnut I ate 1 without the greek yogurt and simply dipped 1 side in cinnamon sugar which let me tell you now was awesome!  

The doughnuts were perfect washed down with a lovely hot cuppa.

So if you are a doughnut lover I urge you to give this 'healthy-fied' Jamie Oliver recipe a try! I think they will become a staple in my household.

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