Saturday, 22 February 2014

22 Feb 14: Childhood Dreams

We all had childhood dreams, here is a rundown of mine.

As a child I wanted to be hairdresser, have 3 children, a dog & a nice house.  I've always been non-plussed at the thought of marriage, still am. I also never wanted to drive I always thought I could 'walk everywhere like Nan does' instead.

At 15 I did work experience in a quiet hairdressers. I found it so mindnumbingly boring that I soon changed my mind! 

I don't have any children as yet, not sure if religiously watching One Born Every Minute has put me off for life! :-s

I can't have a dog. :(. I am out the house for 10hours a day (which includes a long commute) & it obviously can't be left for that long. I have looked into doggy day care & a dog walker to let it out daily but the costs really mount up.  I am currently out of options, so it will have to wait until I retire or something. "40 odd years to goooo!" :-/
Meet Marvin (my sisters dog) (below):

With a large amount of determination & saving my partner & I have achieved a nice house. As you will see from some of my other blog posts, we are currently in the process of decorating each room to make the whole house our own.

After I got a good job in an office 8miles from home with no direct bus route I was forced to learn to drive.  It was the push I needed & I am so glad I did learn. My driving instructor was great & she helped me pass the theory & practical tests first time. :)

Monday, 17 February 2014

17th Feb 14: Interior Design Bedroom 3

It is the 3rd bedrooms turn to be decorated next. We are turning it from a beige woodchip wallpapered box with manly stained carpet to a useful home office/study.

Here is the before pic (used as a guest bedroom for my little sister)

The in progress pics

The finished result...mocha carpet, Dulux 'cookie dough' walls, chunky IKEA furniture & orange accents.

We reused all the orange home accessories that we had in the lounge of our previous property which has created a fresh and bright home office. So what do you all think?

Saturday, 15 February 2014

15th Dec 13: Guest Bedroom Redecoration

Before we started it was a cream box with a sandy coloured well worn & dirty carpet.

We have painted 4 walls slate grey & the feature wall 'scrumptious plum' (which is in fact close to fushia pink!). We had some fluffy grey carpet fitted. The theme is butterflies & a colourful duvet & 2 glass wall hangings (from Next) complete the colourful and fun look we were going for.

This project was completed in Dec 2013. We are currently working on bedroom 3 which will soon become a study/home office. Pics will follow upon completion!

Let me know if this is interesting!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

4th Feb 14: February Progress Update...

Holibobs has been booked! Yesss! Something to look forward to! Lodge holiday in the forest here we come. Countdown (via app on my phone) has now begun!

Decorating the 3rd bedroom is coming along nicely. The woodchip wallpaper which was covered in many layers of paint has painstakingly come off. The walls have been painted in a 'malt chocolate' colour, cream curtains are up. Just waiting for the carpet to be fitted then it will become our home office. Pics to follow.

I enjoyed a long weekend off work with my partner to celebrate his Birthday. We enjoyed a Frankie & Bennys breakfast (recommended), some shopping, chilling and a nice meal out on his actual Birthday.