Sunday, 31 May 2015

What I Ate Wednesday No.35

Another instalment of What I Ate Wednesday...

My beloved Oat So Simple porridge, with a banana and a drizzle of maple syrup & a cup of tea.

1 potato waffle, poached egg, piece of buttered brown toast and 1 cheese and leek vegetarian sausage (Tesco own brand one form frozen section).  With a cup of tea and a glass of water.

Homemade Quorn lasagne with garlic bread.  Glass of water.  If anyone is interested then I will do a post on the recipe for this lasagne, just let me know in the comments box below - it is really tasty!

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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

My Weekly Cleaning Routine

I thought some of you may be interested in hearing my cleaning routine.

I definitely like my house to be clean and tidy but with minimal effort.  I work full time so I am out of the house for at least 10 hours per day so it stays pretty clean with no-one around to dirty it up.  There are only 2 of us living here and we don't have any pets (although I would love a dog but that's a whole different blog post).

So here is how my cleaning regime tends to go:

Daily - Fill & empty dishwasher (my partner and I take it in turns).  
Wipe the kitchen surfaces with a Flash anti bacterial wipe. 
General tidying to keep clutter from building up.
I use a dustpan and brush for when crumbs end up on the kitchen floor, would love a little hand held hover though. 

Friday (evening)
Hoovering - The house is hoovered top to bottom.
Mop hard floors - The kitchen and bathroom get steam mopped (I have carpet everywhere else).
Bathroom - Sink, bath, shower cubicle and toilet throughly cleaned.

My Vax steam mop

Dusting - Where required to be honest.
Washing up - As I have a dishwasher I really only have to wash up when there is something that is not dishwasher safe.
Mirrors - Sprayed with Mr Muscle window cleaner and wiped with kitchen roll when necessary.

Laundry day - I do 2-3 loads of washing per week.  The bedding is stripped and washed every 2 weeks.  Dried on the line when weather permits or in the tumble drier.
Peg tin from Home Sense
Ironing - It normally takes me around 30 minutes and is slipped in around whatever I am doing that day. 

I hope I haven't forget anything!  The Friday jobs sometimes slip to a Saturday morning depending on what I am up to, I don't get too anal about it all.  If I know visitors are coming I have a quick whizz around to make everything ship shape.

If you have done a blog post or YouTube video on your routine please leave a link in the comments below as I would love to take a look.

Kads x

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

What I miss about England whilst in USA

I thought I would share with you all the random little things that I miss about England when I am in USA.  I am sure everyone has an opinion of their own, hope you enjoy reading mine.

The water in Florida smells and tastes like its from a swimming pool due to its high chlorine content.  The main thing I drink at home is tap water (followed by tea).  So whilst in Florida I have to buy 'drinking water' or 'spring water' to keep in the fridge.  It's just as well you can buy a big gallon bottle for only 88 cents!

They don't do squash!  I thought about buying some to try and mask the taste of the awful water but nope they just don't sell it.  There is every fizzy drink you can think of though.

Vegetarian Food
There aren't anywhere near enough vegetarian options available.  After 2 weeks in Florida it got to the point where I thought if i saw another 'Veggie Burger and Chips' as the only menu option I would scream.  That was honestly the only option in most of the theme parks and water parks whilst in Florida.  I was craving some nice pasta, a sandwich, a jacket potato or mediterranean vegetable topped pizza.

CRAVING: Cheese & mushroom pasta
CRAVING: Jacket potato with Quorn bean chilli and cheese

The Subway stores don't have a little sign offering to change their gloves for you before making up your vegetarian sub.  When I asked if they minded changing their gloves as I was vegetarian I thought maybe I had spontaneously gained two heads by the look I received.

USA TV adverts
I never thought I would say that I miss the UK's TV adverts.  Their adverts are mostly about medical procedures or tablets that you buy and they come with a huge disclosure statement being read out at the end of them e.g May cause drowsiness, hallucinations, boils, spots, rashes, anxiety, depression, internal bleeding, blood clots, increase in appetite or DEATH!'

It is also to do with the timing, for example, if Friends is about to start they would roll the whole intro then cut to adverts and then it would immediately start back at the start of the show.  The same happens at the end, show finishes, they cut to adverts and then return to roll the end credits - Mad!

You may also like to read 'What I love about the USA'.

Kads x

What I Ate Wednesday No.33

Oat So Simple porridge with 3 dollops of strawberry jam and a cup of tea.

My love of pancakes is no secret!  I had 4 Homemade pancakes with a variety of toppings - check out the choice on that platter.  The toppings I went for were 1 lemon and sugar, 1 golden syrup, 1 maple syrup and finally a chocolate spread 1!  Glass of water to wash the 'goodness' down!

Super quick and easy.  Half a Pizza Express margarita pizza (with some added basil leaves), half a pouch of Tilda spicy pilau rice.

Kads x

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Bedroom: New Dressing Table

I am so excited to share with you my new dressing table.  I have never actually owned a dressing table before.  I currently sit on the floor in front of my mirrored wardrobe door with a plastic bag on the floor in front of me for when I inevitably drop my mascara - less than ideal!

I found the mirrored dressing table on Amazon after much searching of (what felt like) the entire internet.  It was being sold on Amazon by a third party company called My-Furniture so I took a look at their website and found it was £25 cheaper on there so I purchased it direct.  It has 2 drawers with gorgeous diamante handles.

The stool is purple chenille with diamant√© look buttons and fits in great with the purple and gold colour scheme.  There is storage inside accessed by a hinged lid, I have found it perfect for storing my hair dryer and straighteners. It is comfy and only cost £31.99 and I am amazed with the quality for that price.

I feel the mirror goes really well with the desk, although being a tall person I would have preferred it to be a little taller.  It was from Argos and cost £49.99.

I am really pleased with how it all came together in the end and I finally feel my bedroom is finished.  

If you wish to see my whole bedroom check out my Master Bedroom Transformed post.

Kads x

Thermae Bath Spa Review

I went to the Thermae Bath Spa this weekend with my partner to celebrate our anniversary and thought I would do a quick review for you all.

In case you are not familiar with the Thermae Bath Spa it is basically bathing in a pool filled by Baths mineral-rich waters which are naturally heated by high temperature rocks before it rises through springs in the city centre.  It is funny to think that the waters fell as rain approximately 10,000 years ago!  The thermal waters in the baths are a balmy 33.5c and it is Britains only natural thermal spa.

There is a open air rooftop pool with views over the surrounding hills and the City of Bath, the indoor Minerva Bath is the largest pool with lovely gentle lighting and there are 4 steam rooms which each have a different fragrance.

I went for the 'Thermae Welcome' package which includes a 2-hour spa session and use of a towel, robe and slippers and costs £35 per person for 2 hours (or Mon-Fri its £32).  There are currently 5 other spa packages available.  It gets very busy at weekends so we got there for 9am on Saturday when it opened.  I found the 2 hours plenty of time to get around everything and get showered and dressed (although they do allow a little extra time for showering).


There is the option to pay to get a treatment done if you wish.  There is a choice from over 40 treatments and ranges from massages to body wraps and facials to Hot Stone therapies.

I did not make use of Springs Cafe Restaurant, I had looked at the menu beforehand and knew what the prices were like so decided to give it a miss.  You are also given extra time for any time spent in the restaurant so no need to rush if you do pay the restaurant a visit whilst you are there.

You wear a smart band which opens and closes your lockers and you also use it to purchase food in the cafe (you settle the bill with cash or card upon exit).

There are shower cubicles with shower gel, shampoo and condition dispensers inside which is handy.  The changing rooms are unisex, there are a few hairdryers and a swimwear drying facility which I made use of.

I felt relaxed, tired and super hungry afterwards and I would thoroughly recommend the experience to any one.  It is a great place to visit as a couple for quality time or as a girly day out with friends.

What spa do you recommend?

Kads Life x

This is my own personal opinion and not sponsored in any way.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

What I Ate Wednesday No.34

Dorset Cereals simply nutty muesli topped with an Arla (low fat and reduced sugar) strawberry yogurt.  With a cup of tea.

A American style choc chip pancake (from the Asda fresh bakery section) topped with strawberries. Glass of water and a cup of tea.

Wholewheat pasta with a homemade cheese sauce, topped with breadcrumbs. Served with broccoli and a piece of garlic bread. Usual glass of water.

Kads Life x

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

What I Ate Wednesday No.32

Dorset cereals simply nutty variety with semi skimmed milk and a cups of tea.

Multi-seed brown bread toasted and topped with Meridian 100% peanut butter and sliced strawberries.  With a cup of tea.

2 egg cheese and mushroom omelette with Aunt Bessie's chunky oven chips.  
Glass of Tropicana multivitamins juice and a glass of water.

Kads Life x

Friday, 1 May 2015

50 Things That Make Me Happy!

I spotted this on Kerry's Lived With Love blog who tagged everyone and thought I would give it a go.  

I actually found it pretty difficult for me to think of 50 things but any way here it goes (in no particular order):

1. Holidays 
2. Shopping
3. My Partner
4. Family time
5. Spring
6. Meals out
7. Cake
8. Things going to plan
9. Home time (after work)
10. My siblings
11. Music
12. Blogging 
13. Weekends
14. Cafe trips
15. Biscuits
16. Movies
17. A fully clean house
18. Cute dogs
19. Purple things 
20. Tulips
21. Pizza
22. Woodland
23. Pamper sessions
24. Summer
25. Pasta
26. Sun
27. Cycle rides
28. BBQs/Meals in the garden
29. Eastenders
30. Good hair days 
31. Ticking things off my 'To Do' list
32. Countryside walks
33. My dressing gown
34. Roast dinner 
35. Tea
36. Scented candles
37. Planning things
38. Soft clean bedding
39. Pancakes
40. Cosy nights in
41. Comfy pjs
42. Nice handbags
43. Cuddles 
44. My iPhone 
45. Wearing trainers
46. Freshly painted nails
47. Trips to the seaside (love Weymouth)
48. Being warm
49. A comfy pair of jeans 
50. Winning competitions

I tag anyone who would like to join in!

Leave your links in the comments below as I would love to read them.

Kads Life x