Wednesday, 29 July 2015

What I ate Wednesday No.41

Oat so Simple porridge topped with a chopped flat peach and a little drizzle of maple syrup.  Also a cup of tea.

2 slices of wholemeal toast topped with 2 scrambled eggs and half a tin of Branston beans.  A glass of water to accompany it.  Although it doesn't look huge I found this really filling meal and obviously tasty too.

Half a Pizza Express margarita pizza (from Tesco) with some added fresh basil leaves.  A glass of water.

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Kads x

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Lifestyle Change - Week 2 Update

Hi everyone

So it is the end of week 2 and I have included a quick update of the exercise, eats and progress.  In case you missed it here is my initial intro post: Lifestyle Change Intro - Starting Exercise & Getting Fitter.

I am pleased to have stuck to my planned minimum of 3 exercise sessions per week, here is what I did:
Monday - 15minutes on the exercise bike
Wednesday - Victoria secret 10 minute fat blasting circuit 
Friday - 8 minute high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout from a YouTube video
Saturday - Bike ride along the cycle track to visit family, I think it was about 2 miles.  It obviously burned some calories but was for leisure. 

I had a (yummy) afternoon tea with the girls which was impossible to accurately input into My Fitness Pal so had to skip that day.  I would have loved to have known how the finger sandwiches, scone with jam and cream, mini meringue and profiteroles stacked up though.

This weekend was my amazing Grandads 80th Birthday so we had a lovely Family meal in the local pub to celebrate.  I made him a cake for his Birthday so obviously had to do a taste test on that. I used the Mary Berry Victoria sponge recipe and filled it with whipped cream and strawberry jam and I piped the 80 with buttercream.  I put the cake ingredients into My Fitness Pal app as a recipe and it worked out at 427 calories per slice - was very yummy though!

So food wise on 2 days of this week it was difficult to eat healthily but hey that's normal life.  As this is a permanent lifestyle change there is no use refusing to participate in things as it is just not sustainable!  I ate healthily on the other days.

My weight and fat had increased very slightly (all that cake I guess) and my muscle had dropped slightly too.  I always weigh on the same day and first thing in the morning but I forgot to measure my waist this week.  

Check back next week for my next update!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

What I Ate Wednesday No.40

A delicious treat for my brekkie today its a...dark chocolate and orange croissant (from the Tesco Finest range) and 2 cups of tea as I was feeling tired and need of a caffeine hit before work.

A cinnamon and raisin bagel thin (I much prefer the the 'thin' ones as I find the full size ons a bit much) topped with meridian smooth peanut butter and a chopped banana.  With a cup of tea.

Homemade skin on baked sweet potato chips with tomato spelt topped with grilled halloumi.
Small glass of apple Volvic Juiced and a glass of water.

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Friday, 17 July 2015

Lifestyle Change Intro - Starting Exercise & Getting Fitter

I have been slim for many years and remained the same weight and clothing size.  I am often making small tweaks to my diet to try and make it healthier.  Things like ditching (my beloved) packet of crisp from my lunch box or trying to squeeze an extra piece of my 5 a day in.  I kinda thought if I carried on doing what I was doing then my weight and size would remain.

However...lately my clothes have started to feel really tight.  I have had a good think about my diet and I do not believe that I am eating any more than normal. I did a little research and something that kept cropping up was that age could be the cause.  As the years pass your body, very kindly, decides to gradually turning the muscle you have into fat.  As I approach 30 I have come to the conclusion that this may well be the cause of my weight gain. 
So basically I feel the only way is going to be exercise.  I need to burn calories and tone up my wobbly bits...starting today!

Firstly let's be honest I do not enjoy exercise so I know it is going to be a huge challenge to get into it and keep it going. However I have already dusted off the exercise bike and my plan to exercise at LEAST 3 times per week.  I plan to do a mix of the exercise bike, YouTube videos and bike rides.  As I have a full time sedentary job this will be a big step up for me personally!

I have my Elle sport vest top and sports bra at the ready.  I could do with some new bottoms but for now my black joggers will have to do.

I will be tracking what I eat using the My Fitness Pal app, not to count calories as such but to help me think about what I am putting into my body each day and to ensure I am not overeating.  Also, as a vegetarian I like to check I am getting some iron each day so it's good for that as it tracks the nutrients in the food I consume.

Monitoring Progress
I know scales aren't the best thing to go by but mine do measure fat, muscle (amongst other things which is really useful) .  So I plan to weigh myself once a week to see if the fat is dropping and the muscle increasing at all.  I will also be measuring my waist as that is the part where the weight gain really shows.

I will keep you all updated on progress via blog posts.  Feeling very determined - Let's do this!!

If anyone has an exercise tips or are just starting out themselves then please leave a comment below.

This is my own personal opinion and not sponsored in any way.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

What I Ate Wednesday No.39

This was my vegetarian breakfast at The Harvester with scrambled egg, 2 soya and leek sausages, hash brown, mushrooms, tomato and baked beans. It was unlimited tea and coffee so I had 2 mugs of tea.  I also had some toast and fresh fruit with yogurt from the continental breakfast buffet cart.  It is pretty good value.

My huge breakfast kept me going until dinner time when I had Pizza Express spinach and ricotta filled pasta with broccoli and garlic bread.  Such a quick & easy meal which I really enjoy. 

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